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One Hundred Years of Solitude — Free Essay Strength in a friend is a vital attribute that provides consistency and stability in the relationship.

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Amaranta dies a lonely and virginal spinsterbut comfortable in her existence after having finally accepted what she had become. Cinematographic techniques are also employed in the novel, with the idea of the montage and the close-upwhich effectively combine the comic and grotesque with the dramatic and tragic.

He ends up paralyzed, and Meme is imprisoned in a convent where she spends the rest of her life. He is eventually shot to death by a Conservative captain midway through the wars.

Studious and fiercely solitary, he becomes the repository of Jose Arcadio Segundo's tragic memories and spends most of his life locked in Melquiades' old laboratory, trying to decipher the mysterious parchments.

This event at the beginning of the novel proves that Ursula is not one to be tussled with; she is smart and not afraid to speak her mind, even if it takes shouting at her stubborn husband.

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He is killed when the conservatives retake the village. The Buendia household did not last long after the deterioration of Ursula. At different points in the book, the Buendias come to her for sexual comfort, guidance, and advice.

He falls in love with Remedios Moscote when she is only nine years old and loses much of his emotion after her death.

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It is a revolutionary novel that provides a looking glass into the thoughts and beliefs of its author, who chose to give a literary voice to Latin America: "A Latin America which neither wants, nor has any reason, to be a pawn without a will of its own; nor is it merely wishful thinking that its quest for independence and originality should become a Western aspiration.

The company arranges for the army to kill off any resistance, then leaves Macondo for good. In many ways her life is characterized by a fear of men; when Pietro Crespi finally falls in love with her, she rejects him, and he kills himself.

He remains under the tree for years and years, babbling in Latin, and Ursula brings him back into the house shortly before his death.

100 years of solitude ursula

She dies shortly after the marriage from a blood poisoning illness during her pregnancy. He is treated like a second-class citizen by Fernanda and Jose Arcadio II and neglected throughout most of his childhood. She becomes friends with her father, partially out of disdain for Fernanda, and rebels by falling in love with Mauricio Babilonia, a mechanic. He becomes her best friend in childhood. Through her intelligence and strength she demeaned the arrogant and powerful leader into nothing more than a scared boy. These parchments engage various members of the Buendia family, especially Aureliano, who finally deciphers them at the end of the book. Ursula Iguaran The matriarch of the Buendia family; she lives so long that she loses track of her age. The banana company and the government completely cover up the event. Contrary to the family's patterns, he inherits Jose Arcadio's size and reputation for carousing. She is only nine years old when Aureliano falls in love with her; they marry after she reaches puberty. He is neglected throughout most of his childhood. He marries his adopted sister Rebeca, causing his banishment from the mansion, and he dies from a mysterious gunshot wound, days after saving his brother from execution.
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