5 ways you can spot osteoporosis essay

Osteoporosis symptoms

If estrogen levels Our authors will probably be writing original work from scratch in order that never becomes an issue. A higher body weight may influence BMD through a variety of mechanisms, including higher mechanical loading, more muscle mass, higher levels of sex hormones and their precursors, and lower bone turnover Nelson et al. In addition, diet provides calories energy input , which together with physical activity energy output , determines body weight. Body weight and pubertal development are the most consistent predictors of bone mass in adolescents Bachrach , Heaney et al. High-intensity jumping improves both hip and lumbar spine bone mass and increases bone area in pre-pubertal children Fuchs et al. Muscle strengthening reduces the risk of fractures by improving balance, mobility, and speed of movement, each of which helps to prevent or reduce the severity of falls. In fact, data suggest that many other nutrients can affect bone in positive or negative ways. The amount of calcium you will lose from salt is very small but if you are already fighting a loss of calcium or have osteoporosis then salt is not a good choice of food.

Triad Factor 3: Osteoporosis Estrogen is lower in girls with female athlete triad. The mechanisms that underlie sarcopenia are just beginning to be understood. Because adulthood is a time of bone conservation—not bone building—the primary impact of physical activity is to maintain bone mass during this stage.

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About 10—15 percent of falls in the elderly result in fracture Nevitt et al. However, several reviews and meta-analyses have included pre-menopausal women Wolff et al.

However, in addition to exercising and eating a healthy diet, there are other ways to help prevent osteoporosis.

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These include Turner syndromeKlinefelter syndromeKallmann syndromeanorexia nervosaandropause[56] hypothalamic amenorrhea or hyperprolactinemia. Excess sodium is a risk factor.

5 ways you can spot osteoporosis essay

Some girls who play sports or exercise intensely are at risk for a problem called female athlete triad. Exercise Regularly Few things are as good for you as regular physical activity.

Osteoporosis essay sample

An estimated 30—50 million Americans about 25 percent of the U. These include Turner syndrome , Klinefelter syndrome , Kallmann syndrome , anorexia nervosa , andropause , [56] hypothalamic amenorrhea or hyperprolactinemia. Other micronutrients such as vitamin K or vitamin B12 deficiency may also contribute. Conversely, reductions in biomechanical forces from lower activity levels or loss of muscle mass sarcopenia signals less need for bone, which leads to the elimination of bone. The net result should be higher bone mass and fewer fractures. Falls in older individuals are rarely due to a single cause. Some of these things you cannot change and others you can. Collapse transient loss of postural tone with or without loss of consciousness. This relationship is discussed further in the section on physical activity. There are vitamin D receptors in human muscle that may play a role in increasing muscle strength and thereby enhancing stability Bischoff et al. It is a false assumption that most make thinking osteoporosis only occurs in the elderly. If you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly early in like, you may be able to delay the development of osteoporosis. The Institute of Medicine recommends a steady increase in calcium intake as children age, beginning with mg per day in infants and rising to 1, mg per day in those age 9— Mayo Clinic. Body weight and pubertal development are the most consistent predictors of bone mass in adolescents Bachrach , Heaney et al.
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Determinants of Bone Health