Write a short poem for me

Carry the inspiration until something sparks. I have not yet mentioned the haiku, which deserves an essay to itself.

Some would dispute that T. Fan-Piece, For Her Imperial Lord is original, not an imitation — an early attempt at a haiku without being hung up on numbers of syllables: O fan of white silk, clear as frost on the grass-blade, You also are laid aside.

how to write a poem about someone

Through all the many pages of the Cantos, the care for sound values that Pound learnt writing the short poems in Lustra never left him. He used them not only to break with 19th century romantic style and with regular form, but above all he used them to teach himself to write more intensely.

Just say it. To finish, here are two of my own micro-poems, the first from my collection Fade Street and the second from my forthcoming, Haunt: Night, Wind, Dead Leaves rattle and hiss, the sound so high it is almost a whistle, their bodying sigh the air of something more palpable than passing by.

Note that line-break followed by a large indentation, an elegant way of altering the rhythm. A short poem differs from a long one in that poets may spend more time on word choice and clarity. Ask for opinions and suggestions. This inspiration can be a line, or just a word.

They are so silent, they are in another world.

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51 Short Poems